Ever wondered what happens to your body during a ste amy session between the sheets? From the good (happy hormones! increased sens!tivity!) to the not-so-good (increased risk of ur!nary tract infections, for example), here are eight things that happen when you’re having se x.

1. Happy horm0nes are released. Se x st!mulates the secretion of h0rm0nes such as oxytocin, which makes you feel connected to others, and dopam!ne, which activates the brain’s reward center. The result: You feel satisfied and close to your partner.

2. Blood vessels widen. What do dilated blood vessels do for you? “Your cl!t0ris and vulva become eng0rged, as do the vessels in the vag!n!l wall,” says urologist and se xual-health expert Jennifer Berman, MD. “This leads to more secretions and lubr!cation.” Your face and chest can also get flushed.

3. Sens!tivity skyrockets. Your er0genous zones, including the Tips, ears, neck, and genital area, become extra sens!tive because of increased blood flow and the release of sensat!on-enhancing neur0transmitters.

4. Bacteria may build up. During se x, bacteria from the va!g!na and an!us can get into the urethra and multiply, leading to a ur!nary tract infection. Tip: Pee immediately after the act to flush out bacteria.

5. You burn (some) calories. A study in The New England Journal of Medicine found that a 154-pound person would burn 21 calories during six minutes of se xual activity. So a roll in the sack isn’t as effective as spin class, but a se xy half hour could torch around 100 calories.

6. Your heart races. Like any aer0bic activity, se x raises your heart rate. It peaks when you orgasm and settles back to its baseline within 10 to 20 minutes, research shows.
7. Your muscles tense. “During 0rg@sm, the pelv!c floor muscles involuntarily contract,” says Dr. Berman. Actively tensing and releasing those muscles during se x can help boost eng0rgement, ar0usal, and pleasure. Kegels, anyone?

8. You feel relaxed. Your big O may be the ultimate chill pill: Org@sms trigger an increase in prolactin, a calming h0rmone that reaches its highest levels when we’re asleep.

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