A 19-year old girl has taken to social media to seek advice on her current dilemma.
Sharing her story via Joro Olumofin‘s Instagram blog, the young lady says she met a man in his 40s who likes her very much, is very rich and is offering her N250k monthly for her friendship and regular s’ex.
She wrote in the email to Olumofin;
“I met this guy in PH, he’s based in Abuja [though]. He likes me and all. We got talking, he seems cool. He’s in his 40s, am 19 years also a Leo Gang but he has a lot of money. He offered me something that he will be paying me 250k a month for my friendship. Now i don’t know what that mean.
I asked him, he said when he calls me, we will go on dates and have s’ex”,
However, she says she is considering accepting his offer because of her current broke state.
She says she has been dating for love, but love doesn’t pay the bills, as her previous boyfriend’s haven’t bought her anything expensive.
“This offer seems juicy cos me am broke. My parents are broke too. Have been dating for love and i won’t get shingbaim or shi shi. Love will never help me. My past 2 BF can’t even buy me laptop or iPad, talkless of Tecno phone”. She said.
Read her full note below;

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