Everyone has a different attitude towards dating, how your love life ends up all depends on how you approach it and there is nobody who has never been single in his/her lifetime but we have different types of single ladies out there.
Here are the most common types of single ladies out there that every guy should look out for and ladies, which one are you?
The Serial Dater: “The serial dater is exactly what she sounds like, she’s a glass-half-full kinda gal, she always gives people the benefit of the doubt, hoping each man she meets will be better than the last she dates guy after guy, thinking that each one is better than the last and relentlessly tries to mould men into her concept of a perfect partner, she falls for every guy she dates, yet consistently complains about being single”.
The skeptic: “This “single” is afraid of her own shadow, the second that someone expresses any type of interest, she immediately thinks there’s a “catch.” She trusts no one, therefore her relationships are often short-lived and insignificant”.
The lonely soul: “This girl has been single for a long stretch but does not enjoy it, she tells people she has given up on men, but secretly Googles pear-shaped diamond rings at 2 o’clock in the morning while listening to emotional songs on repeat”.
The romantic: “We’re all guilty of being a hopeless romantic at one point or another, the thought of having prince charming sweep you off your feet is every girl’s dream but for this girl it’s not a dream, it’s her reality, in fact, she’s the living, breathing Cinderella and she refuses to accept anything less than a fairytale ending”.
The Desperado: “Like the serial dater, she’ll give anyone a chance, but for different reasons, she tends to believe that happiness can only come from being in a relationship and at times, she will do anything to obtain a boyfriend and stay in that relationship, even if it means sacrificing her happiness”.
The Free Spirit: “This girl gives Zero “F”, she does what she wants, when she wants and who she wants, for some onlookers, she appears to be carefree and mysterious but for other, her noncommittal personality can come off as unreliable and unattractive”.
The Overlooked: “She’s educated, attractive, career oriented and fun to be around, yet she’s still single because she’s choosing the wrong guys, she downplays her true worth and settles for those that are just mediocre, she deserves the best but settles for the worst”.
The Clock Watcher: “This single is very meticulous in her dating, she enters relationships with one thing on her mind…marriage and she rarely wastes anytime with men who aren’t ready to put a ring on it”.
The Bulldog: “This girl doesn’t play games, she’s fiercely independent and doesn’t take sh$t from anyone, much like her professional life, she knows what she wants and how she can get it even though her headstrong personality can often be intimidating to men, but if you’re up for a challenge- this girl’s for you”.

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