Ladies express magnificent joy during valentine period but it's a different case for guys, most especially the financially handicap ones who are always tensed up during this period of over-hyped valentine that many ladies use to coerce guys into debt

However it's an eyesore and pure form of greed for a lady who offer more than a pair of boxer or kitty-cat but will be expecting exorbitant gifts and materials for a mere valentine's celebration. Let's discuss the places materialistic ladies choose for valentine that scare guys away

8 Places Materialistic Ladies Choose For Valentine That Scare Many Guys Away

1. Five Star Hotel

Honestly speaking, ladies need to stop mounting unnecessary pressure on guys for ordinary valentine. Considering the economic hardship, it's barbaric to choose the likes of sheraton and intercontinental hotels for a date when you can actually have a romantic rendezvous in a not so expensive hote. It's not as if such extravagant date will automatically convince them to marry the guy, so what's the point spending lavishly?

2. Expensive Restaurant

I shake my head when I see ladies discussing and contemplating on who will be their scapegoat on valentine's day. They know exotic restaurants that prepares the best chicken/chips, sharwama, pizza and pastries but for them to prepare common eba or indomie, it will take T.B Joshua to lay his hands on them.

3. Yatch

Some ladies are so fun of putting guys in a tight corner whenever they ask them out. During valentine's period, they will dance to the music of guys they don't even love just for stomach infrastructure. As funny as it may sound, some of them will place a due on suicidal mission to rent a yatch in order for them to have fun-filled valentine
4. Entertainment Show

It's a huge blow on materialistic ladies who cannot afford to buy ordinary coke, pure water and gala for themselves but are so quick to close-mark a maga that will take them to comedy and musical shows. They are so easy to spot in these shows. You will see them dancing as if they just made heaven if it's Saheed Osupa that is performing.

5. Parks and Ranch

The primary aim of gold digging ladies is to coerce guys to spend lavishly on them and this is aimed at having a remarkable day. However, they suggest that a guy should book Obudu Ranch and other exotic parks for them. If the guy dares suggest his room for a romantic date, they will tag him a broke, stingy and perverted dude. I am sure that Prof Tosyne2much, Naijaboiy, Ronald4lif, Sonofananimal and others can bear me witness to this claim.

6. Luxurious Cities

I keep wondering why some ladies like pressurising their boyfriends to have a romantic date at exotic places such as Dubai, Paris and London, when in fact, they aren't even married yet. If he doesn't take her to such places, she will dump him like speed of light.

7. Lounge

Some don't care if you have to go and borrow money in the bank. All they demand is that you take them to lounges and lavish money on them. Just because they want to perhaps brag to their friends about their high taste

8. Expensive Clubs

Some ladies have made it a "do and die affair" to hold their valentine date at expensive clubs owing to the selfish advice or wrong orientation from friends. Such peers will reek all sort of jamborees to their brains that if her boyfriend fails to fulfil her wish, he is an incapable man.

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