Marriage is one of the most wonderful institutions ever, marriage is beautiful when you are in it with your best-friend and spending eternity together will be like a day.
Apart from emotional and social benefits of marriage, it also has health benefits and according to research, married people are likely to live longer than single people. Below are some reasons why being married is better than staying single.
Better s3x: “Married people have 25-30 percent more s3x than unmarrieds, well life is way too short to have to spend any of it without s3x”.

Children: “For children, marriage offers stability and the foundation from which they can spread their wings, countless studies have shown that children from married parents fare better in life than those whose parents remain unmarried”.
Legal recognition: “It’s nice to have legal recognition of your union, this is the simple reason it’s hard to understand why anyone would choose cohabitation over marriage”.
Companionship: “You will never have to be alone on date night again”
More money: “Generally speaking, married people have more money than singletons or even cohabitation couples., married men are generally more successful at work and two can live almost as cheaply as one and a half, which is still better than two”.
Happiness: “Married people, on whole, are happier than single people, it’s probably a result of all that s3x, support, and companionship, but whatever the reason, marriage is simply better.

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