Guys put ladies in different categories and for different reasons, just as women put every guy they meet into some category, guys do the same to ladies. It doesn’t mean they don’t recognize the qualities that are uniquely you; it just means that at some point or another, other women have filled your role in their lives.
Below are 7 main categories men put women into.
The one night stand: “Once a woman enters into this category, the only way to get out is to stop having s3x with this guy; there are many reasons girls fall into this kind of category, it’s either the guys they are sleeping with are cheating on their girlfriends or are emotionally unavailable or not attracted enough to you”.
Friends with benefits: “You guys just have s3x, you are not even friends; a woman becomes a friend with benefits for two reasons, he doesn’t like her personality, he doesn’t feel he should commit to her”.
The Freak: “Typically men won’t stay with the ultra-sexual chick forever—the one who wants to bang in the back seat of taxi cabs, one who owns a few illegal adult toys but, as a sort of right of passage, they’ll all date one”.
Friendzone: The guy obviously doesn’t see you as a s3xual being, he’s not physically attracted to you, only attracted to your personality, they may be attracted to you but don’t see you as a girlfriend material, could be the result of a sordid past and in some cases, if you escape the friend zone, it could lead to marriage”.
The Gold-Digger: “Men get a kick out of dating at least one or two Gold-diggers—it says something about their status that women are even out to dig for their gold and there is something satisfying about it being so easy to make a woman happy: just buy her stuff, no emotional complications involved”.
Girlfriend: “The men see you as a s3xual being but not as a wife, they just need to know you a little bit more and if you are at this stage, it’s totally not your fault; all you need is time to get to know each other better and if many years down the line, there’s no mention of marriage then it looks like you don’t have what it takes to be his wife”.
Wife: “It means that he feels you have all the ingredients to make him happy”.

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