A little bit of public display of affection (PDA) actually have it’s own way of helping your relationship blossom and also have a way it plays with your mind in a positive way. PDA varies from mild to extreme and one is free to do anything one like but a fair amount of PDA is definitely great for a healthy relationship. Below are ways in which PDA boosts the relationship and one’s mental health.
Gives you self-confidence: “Don’t get me wrong here, validation sometimes does boost your confidence and PDA does that in two ways; when you realise, your partner shows gestures amidst other people; it becomes a kind of proof from him that he is totally into you (absolutely no puns intended) which ends up boosting your confidence and secondly, when others see it, you develop a sense of belonging, and it ups your confidence”.
Cheers you up: “Work, family, financial issues, social pressure, etc.-there are so many things we all deal with every day and no matter how hard we try to smile our way out and it only gets worse; amidst these daily problems, a random peck on a cheek while you are shopping or a warm hug at the end of a tedious week day outside work only makes you happier and a happy you means a healthy you”.
Regains trust: “We all know that nobody believes a hush-hush partner, if your man says that he can’t hold your hand in public or can’t kiss you in public, you gradually start distrusting him and your trust issues might even make you fall out of love; everyone their partner should be proud of them and no number of people around should make them shy away from any form of PDA”.
Brings in positive energy: “Let’s talk about social media PDA here, don’t tell me, that it doesn’t bring a smile on your face when he/she puts a picture of you on social media adding a dash of some relatable lines? Am I right?”.
Gets you in the mood: “Talking action here, don’t know if you can relate to it or not, but PDA does begin the whole night’s action better, you feel sexy from within when you know you are going to have one hell of a night”.
“Now this may not apply to all, and you would have different opinions on it, and we would love to hear it from you, please kindly share your views with us in the comment section”.

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