Men are known to be more visual than women and that is why they see more than a woman want them to see, most things women usually think attract men to them are actually not what attracts men as those things secretly repel them. There are certain features in women that men find attractive and below are few of them.
Women who wear little or no makeup: “Men generally find women who wear little or no makeup more attractive, according to research, women with less makeup are more appealing to men than women with heavy makeup”.
Women who smell nice: “Men generally find women who smell attractive very appealing, men also prefer women who wear light perfume”.
Women who smile often: “Women who frown always will find it difficult to appear attractive to men and this is because men are generally more attracted to women that smile often”.
Women who appear friendly: “No man wants to be around a woman who appears rude, women who appear friendly and are fun to be with are generally more attractive to men”.
Women who know what they want: “Woman who has no standards and generally accepts everything appears less attractive to men, men generally love women with personality who know what they want”.

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