We all know that saying “You have to kiss a few toads before you meet your prince” which means a woman has to date different types of guys to decide who is or isn’t right for them while some of the guys they date may have potential, others are potentially all wrong, but still each relationship provides a lesson worth learning or a good time worth having.
One can date a great guy and never appreciate him simply because you have not experienced a bad one same way one can conclude all men are immature which won’t be a fair accusation which is why a woman should at least consider different dating options before deciding who or what is your type.
Below are the different types of men every woman should date at least once in their life.
Mr. Personality: “Some men are good to look at while others are simply good to talk to, every woman should date a man solely based on his personality at least once, even if she’s not physically attracted to him; looks aren’t everything but most times we can’t see ourselves dating anyone we don’t find at least somewhat attractive; but it’s okay to give the guy you find somewhat disturbing to look at a trial if you think his conversation is compatible”.
The Older Man: “The younger guy may be for fun while the older guy may be ready for a mature situation, he can possibly take you places you’ve never been and teach you things you have yet to learn, after all, he has a few years under his belt going a few years older at least six or more can be a good thing for your dating life”.
The Bad Boy: “Some may disagree, but most women have or still have an obsession with a bad boy maybe you can’t take him home to meet the fam, but you can at least enjoy the rush of being around him; dating a bad boy doesn’t mean being stupid, if only for one date, you should at least tickle your curiosity and go out with a man who is the exact opposite of someone you want your daughter or future daughter to ever date”.
The Good Guy: “You can’t be okay with the bad boy without trying a nice guy as well, he doesn’t have all the edge that some women go gaga over, but he’s got a kind heart and is in touch with his feelings”.
The one you should have just stayed friends with: “Almost every woman makes this mistake, this friend of yours is so nice, so compatible, so there, that you guys end up thinking, “why aren’t we dating?” so, you start dating, and the compatibility flies out of the window and you risk your friendship only in the face of intense, undeniable attraction”.

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