Men are known to always hide their feelings, while women constantly talk about what they want but men tend to keep quiet which can be very frustrating at times for women.
It is only when a woman knows what is going on inside a man’s head that she can make an attempt to please him and to make this easy we have listed 3 things men wish ladies would know about them.
They can get possessive too: “Men go green when their woman goes gaga over other men in front of them, when you indulge in long talks about how your guy friend is funny or about your colleague’s super husband qualities, your man can easily end up worrying about your feelings for him even though this may seem hard to believe because men don’t usually admit to it but they can get possessive too”.
They genuinely like cuddling: “Normally, women think that men cuddle hoping for s3x, though that can be one of the reasons, some men cuddle with no s3xual intention men also like to simply hug their partner and feel the warmth of their bodies against each other or to play with each other’s fingers while having long pillow talks but, for reasons unknown, they refuse to admit it”.
They can easily shy away: “It is true that many men do not explore other s3x activities/positions and indulge in ‘it’ the same way always, this is because of the fear of rejection and embarrassment to attempt anything out of the ordinary but when you take control of the situation, your man’s s3x life can achieve the next level and he can avoid worries about embarrassment”.
Confidence is a big deal: “Some men seek out insecure women because they know they can manipulate them, control them and be a complete asshat to them, a confident woman will save herself not only from difficult situations but also a gazillion dollars on beauty products she doesn’t even need, because confidence gives you a glow better than any makeup”.
“Men are accused of being s3xually insatiable, but this is because they see s3x as a celebration, men face many challenges and pressures and they see s3x as a reward for all their hard work”.

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