You might have heard severally that size matters, and that during every s3x, ejaculat!on is a must but s3x is more than just 0rgasm. Research has debunk the biggest myths about s3xual pleasures.
Below are some s3xual pleasure myhs debunked.
S3xual pleasure is all about orgasm: “S3xual pleasure is not just about reaching the climax and having an orgasm, orgasm is necessary, but what you do to get there, the foreplay and all the penetration is what is important”.
Size matters: “While you may think that your partner would prefer a s3x inch p3nis, s3xual pleasure is not always about the size but the s3x position and move is what that matters in fact, your woman may end up having a painful s3xual experience with a big p3nis if her vag!na is not compatible with it”.
Women are not interested in physical intimacy: “Women love all the pleasure that comes with physical intimacy just as much as you do. if your partner is too shy, make her feel comfortable so that she gives her hundred percent in the act”.
Condoms can ruin your moment: “You must know which condom to use, there are several types of condoms in the market like the doted ones for extra pleasure and even the bare-skin condoms that can make your partner hit the climax”.

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