0ral s3x can be pretty interesting and there are more than one ways to make 0ral s3x more interesting, there are some positions to spice things up during 0ral s3x and those positions are what we will be discussing in this article.
Below are some fun positions to spice up your 0ral s3x.
The facesitter: “This is a great position to pleasure your woman as it completely leaves her in control of the whole act and in this position, the man has to lie down while the woman has to sit on his chest gradually inching towards his face, the woman can take the support of a wall to balance herself and the man can then use his tongue to pleasure his woman”.

The standing position: “This is one of the best positions to give him a blow j0b. The man can stand while the woman kneels in front of him while giving him a blow j0b”.
The 69: “This is the most common oral s3x position and the advantage of this position is that both the partners can pleasure each other at the same time, in this position, one partner lies on top of the other facing the opposite direction and then perform oral s3x”.
The classic: “This position works same for both the partners, the man can lie on bed and relax, and the woman can sit in between or outside his legs she can then go down on him and the woman can sit back and relax while the man pleasures her”.
The oral twist to the doggy style: “If you love the doggy style position why not use it to pleasure her orally?the woman can kneel on all fours with the man kneeling behind her, having complete access to her vag!na”.

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