Why do some relationships end in marriage while others unravel?this seems like a very complicated question, research has found that relationships fall into 4 major patterns and one can help predict the eventual outcome of a relationship by figuring out which of 4 patterns it fits into.
Below are the 4 major patterns every relationship falls into.
Partner-focused: “These couples are all about each other, every other person or any other thing is secondary, this is good because it could lead to marriage and strong emotional connection but on the other hand it could be bad because one partner may be co-dependent on the other and people like this detach from friends and family when they are in a relationship”.
Socially involved: “These type of couples have social circles and are very familiar with each other’s friends, couples in this category who break up really have it rough but there is a high probability of them staying together if their friends and family approve of the relationship”.
Dramatic: “This is the “off and on” type of relationship, the constant fight, unreasonable drama makes their friends and family not want to see them stay together and these couples are more likely to break up than the other three patterns”.
Conflict-ridden: “For couples in this category of relationship, though they fight a lot, they are more likely to stay together than couples who fall in the dramatic group and for these couples, the fights they have are foreplay”.

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