We have all heard that stress is a bad thing, that it is is bad for the’s health and that nothing good can ever come out of stress but what most people don’t know is that short-term stress is good for the body. “Short-term stress is the sudden thrilling rush you feel when you have 10 minutes at hand, and you need to sprint across 1000 meters to get to your office on time and unlike its evil twin, short term stress comes with some neat health benefits”.
Don’t believe us? below are some of the surprising reasons why stress may not be such a bad thing at all.
It makes you smart, temporarily: ” Acute or short term stress can boost your intelligence, but for a short time, studies concluded that a short-term stressor can actually boost your memory and learning”.
It can boost the immune system: “Stress is supposed to be the number one enemy of the immune system as it suppresses your body’s natural defenses, making you susceptible to all kinds of infections but short-term stress has a completely different effect, studies showed that the hormones triggered by acute stress can boost immune readiness and heighten its powers”.
It protects you from oxidative stress: A study concluded that although chronic stress can promote oxidative damage in the body, short-term stress does the complete opposite by protecting the body against oxidative damage and enhancing our psychobiological resilience”.

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