Using words to express affections in a relationship is one of the most powerful tools one can have and that is not because you are insecure about your relationships or yourself but because of basic human dignity and respect, your partner needs to hear things that are positive to feel loved and appreciated.
Below are 3 phrases that can make your relationship better and strengthen your relationship especially a long distance relationship.
You are beautiful: “Not just you’re pretty, but beautiful, you can see the difference and beauty in the words because the power of expressing words of affection is amazing and often times, when we look for love physical attraction is an important factor, your partner needs to know she is beautiful, or that he is handsome, each and every day, not just the day you met or the day you got married”.

Please and thank you: “A please and thank you to your partner are wonderful to hear, thank you for making dinner, please pass the salt, etc, it shows gratitude and how much respect your partner and gratitude is a great form of flattery”.
I Love You: “The magic of these three words at the right time is the icing on the cake, everyone needs to hear this on a regular basis, siblings, children, parents, close friends so let people know how you feel about them”.

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