When a guy breaks up with you, it can be very devastating especially if he has taken all your hopes and dreams for that relationship with him and you start thinking about all the time you have spent building something with him only to see it vanish within a twinkle of an eye, it breaks your heart but because you are strong, you grieve your relationship and eventually you heal and get over it.
Then after you have found the strength to move on, he suddenly comes back and wants to start off where he left and you keep wondering whether to give him a second chance or not. If you are in this situation and before you start getting excited about him coming back, look at the 3 major reasons why guys come back after a breakup.

The grass wasn’t greener: “When a guy breaks up with you, he always thinks that being single or being with someone else is going to be great that is until he starts seeing what’s out there, men often don’t realize how important it is to them to be loved until they are back at square one and this is a big reason why guys come back”.
Old shoes are comfortable: “There’s something to be said for what we’re already familiar with, in fact, it’s one of the reasons you’re still thinking about him, the problem is, if you let a guy come back at the same level he was when he left, you’ll just experience a repeat performance and if you are considering taking him back, you will have to raise the bar to whatever you’re comfortable but please don’t go back to the way it was”. Go forward.
The light went on: “Every once in a while, a guy comes back because the light went on, and he realized he needs to change, you can tell the light went on when he wants to raise the bar himself (he asks you to get engaged or to get married), this is an important distinction because you do not want a guy who will just come back, you want a guy who has a plan to go forward”.

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