Apart from the fact that s3x creates intimacy, it can also help the mind and body at the same time, it also brings out the beauty in a woman and creates better health of the mind and body.
Regular S3x can do so much more than give you toe-curling orgasms, it can actually leave you looking and feeling good.
Below are proven ways s3x makes you beautiful:
“Your hair becomes shinier after a roll in the hay, the production of estrogen increases in women who frequently have intercourse which contributes to healthier hair”.
“Having frequent s3x can make you look younger, three times per week or more can give you a youthful glow which can help with your inner beauty as well”
“When you have an orgasm you are releasing pheromones which make you more attractive to the opposite s3x, the more you do it, the more people will want to do it with you”.
“Orgasms are a safe and natural antidepressant, serotonin and DHEA are released when you climax and serotonin can help boost your mood while DHEA boosts immunity”.
“It is a stress reducer due to the oxytocin that is produced upon orgasm”.
“Oxytocin can also lower cortisol levels which help to reduce belly fat if you have a few pounds that you just can’t seem to get rid of, keep on climaxing”.
“Dopamine that is released into your brain during climax will help to put you in a better mood and be happier and carefree through the day”.

“Your overall health and well-being will improve, you will burn calories and you also release phenylethylamine which increases confidence, happiness, curbs your appetite, and increases focus”.
“S3x lights up the area of the brain that makes you feel more attractive to others”.
“S3x can help you achieve that, when you have s3x, increased cortisol could possibly make your belly protrude, however, oxytocin helps reduce the level of cortisol which could as well help flatten your belly”.

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