I know that for a write-up like this, ladies who are guilty will flare up and consider it as a female bashing thread and may even call me all sort of name but guys will see it as an eye opener

This issue of boring conversation is really a serious issue, not just some kind of moan or rants which affect their social and every day life. The complaints about ladies being so boring when it comes to effective and intellectual conversation has been causing havoc since the days of Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon, and I feel it’s high time I said something concerning it

Most Nigerian ladies just don’t care for talking about ideals or anything abstract but about shallow bullshit that goes along pedicures/manicures, money, eye-lashes, weddings, clothes, shoes, and boyfriends and many more perishable parameters
Whether you like it or not, no matter how we against feminism, there is definitely a greater portion of guys who are intellectual while there is a lesser amount of ladies who are able to rise above that level. This is because even the less intelligent guys who specifically devote their time into football, sports or gaming still occasionally get into more serious topics even if they aren’t too informed, at least they are making the effort so as not to be empty; but ladies will just go blank without having anything to contribute when need be.

In recent time, to find a lady that intellectually stimulates you during a conversation on social media, is likened to finding where Bode George hid the billions of Naira he embezzled some years ago
I don’t like wasting people’s time. Now let’s discuss the categories of ladies that will bore you to sleep during a chat

1. Ladies that reply with Monosyllabic words
These ones always reply as if MTN charges them per alphabet. The truth of the matter is that many of them are grammatically and structurally deficient, therefore, they hide under the canopy of monosyllabic words such as 5n u? Kul u? Kkk, tnx, yup u?.. When ladies response this way, I quickly use the delete feature or put them up on eviction

2. Ladies who see it as your Duty to always lead a Chat
It has become the habit of many ladies that you should always initiate a chat and even turn yourself to a clown because they see it as a favour chatting with you. If you fall to do so, they will bore you to sleep during chat

3. Ladies who are obsessed with Money
In as much as you are that dude still striving to be the best amongst your equals, ladies are most likely to be so boring during conversation. This is because they devote their time chatting with dudes who have something to offer them, not you

4. Ladies Who believe they have to be into you
Ladies who utter this statement are dumb in my own opinion. I mean why should someone only condition his/her intellectual capacity to people whom he/she is into ?

5. Ladies With Low Self Esteem
Some ladies seem to be suffering from low esteem to the point that their brain is wired to believe that guys should always be the ones who should engage in intellectual discussion or argument. In my class, there has been literally not a single lady who had said anything to contribute intellectually during lectures or in times to solution to problems. Their quietness during lectures can be likened to GEJ’s quietness when he lost to Buhari; but the moment the lecturer steps out of the class, we will start begging them to reduce their noise and maintain decorum

6. The introverts
I don’t really blame these ones. They have poor social life, so they will definitely bore you to sleep even if you turn yourself to Papa Ajasco

7. Ladies who are Empty
Once the male starts to delve into the gritty details and start to ask the hard questions, the follow-up responses
usually start with “I don’t know, “good to know, “I don’t know what to say”. Ask them to tell you should have a gist about politics, they know nothing; ask them about education, they have nothing to say. These ladies will make you sleep off during a chat

8. Ladies who have list of unlimited Friends
If you keep these category of ladies in your list, you will have to wait till eternity before you get a reply during chat

9. Career minded and Business oriented Ladies
If you are an unserious guy and just want to get into their pants they won’t pay attention to you, so these ones can bore you to sleep

10. Feel free to add the last one
Have fun

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