We all believe because brushing is a what we do every day we can’t make mistake but this is not true, there are so many unknown mistakes we all make while brushing our teeth.
Dental health is very important if you want to hold onto your winning smile and if one does not want a crooked, bad teeth and gum disease, it all starts with making sure you brush your teeth properly.
Below are some tooth brushing mistakes that you should avoid.
Keeping the same toothbrush for too long: “You know your toothbrush is suffering some really bad wear and tear when it becomes brittle, some of the bristles have fallen out, and it’s even changed colour and worse still, it’s riddled with bacteria that you can’t see”. “Toothbrush starts to fray and becomes rather useless after just three months, and sometimes even sooner than that and once you start to notice the really visible changes, it’s time to swap your brush for a new one”.
Brushing too much: “There is a thing as not brushing enough – once a day or not at all and there is also such a thing as brushing too much, it is recommended you brush your teeth twice a day but over doing it can harm your gum line so don overdo it”.
Sharing your brush: “People actually do share their brush from time to time especially partners who stay over at their partner’s house for the night but while it is okay for you to share your toothbrush with your partner always remember by that you are spreading a lot of bacteria”.
Brushing your tongue with your tooth brush: “We’re told to brush our tongue but you shouldn’t brush your tongue with your tooth brush, it’s a tooth brush, not a tongue brush brushing your tongue with your tooth brush is not only ineffective, but it means lots of hard-to-remove bacteria clings to your bristles”.
Flushing the toothpaste out with water straight after brushing: “This is a common mistake everyone makes, we all rinse our mouths out with water after brushing when you rinse your mouth out with water, you rinse all that fluoride out, thereby stopping it from being super effective so instead of water, try a mouthwash”.
Using an old toothbrush: “Many people continue using their toothbrush long after it’s time to replace it, as a general rule, your toothbrush should be replaced at least every 3-4 months especially if you notice that the bristles have become frayed and you should also consider tossing your old toothbrush in the trash after you have had a cold or flu”.

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