Although quite vocal about their demands, there are certain things girls want, but won’t ask for. To get a hang of such things would definitely put any man worth his salt in an envious position.
We brings to you such things which a girl just loves to have, but won’t go ahead and ask for herself. Here are the list of things she wants but never really says it out loud. A Smile When she smiles, make it a point to smile with her. Even if you find nothing funny, never miss on sharing a laugh with her.
An Unexpected Hug Of course, she would never ask for it. But the joy and sweet surprise on her face would be just worth it.
Share Your Secrets
She would just love the idea of you opening up in front of her. Just go ahead and share your secrets all by yourself.
A Compliment (Even Without A Reason)
Be generous while showing her with your compliments. Tell her that she’s beautiful and tell her the way you feel about her
This is the least she expects from you. So try not to break her trust by cheating on her and lying to her. You Taking Stand For Her
When she’s going through a tough time, comfort her. Stand up for her whenever the need be.

Say ‘I Love You’ with all your heart. Look deep into her eyes, and utter those three magical words. Go For Long Walks
It might sound mundane to you, but girls love it to the T. Go on long walks with her and she would adore you for that.

You Being There For Her
Just be there for her whenever she needs you. And even when she doesn’t need you, make sure you are always there for her. This act of yours would go a long way in further cementing your relationship, as she will know that she can always count on you. Respecting Her Privacy
She may be your girl, but she definitely has an identity of her own. Relationships need space to grow.
Give her the space she deserves. If at times there is something which she’s not comfortable talking about at a given point of time, better leave her alone. A simple hug would do the needful.
Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeves
Never shy away from showing your love for her in front of others. Hold her hand in public, and kiss her in front of other girls you know. That would make her feel special. Someone rightly said that women are not meant to be understood, they are meant to be loved. Now, just go-ahead and love her like never before!

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