Jacob K. Abrebrese,a Ghanian doctor, has warn women on the dangers of performing bl0wjob on their partners.
According to him, uncircumcised pen!s carries bacteria, germs and viruses hence women who s uck them are highly at risk.
Abrebrese, who is the Medical Director of the Brong Ahafo Region Hospital in Ghana, said also suck!ng uncircumcised pen!s is as equally dangerous as suck!ng the female genital.
Dr. Abrebrese made the medical revelation in an interview with Rainbow Radio, where he equally described 0ral s*x as an unhealthy practice which should not be encouraged. He said 0ral s*x is an indecent, uncivilized and an undisciplined act.
The doctor was responding to the World Health Organizations report on the spread of untreatable super gonorrhea.
According to the report, the untreatable super gonorrhea was spreading fast and on the rise because of unprotected 0ral s*x.
The WHO warned that the s*xually transmitted disease is infecting patients all over the world and that the infection is not treatable at the moment.
Both of the current antibiotics used to treat gonorrheaceftriaxone and azithromycin  are becoming increasingly ineffective against the new strain, the report said.
Commenting on the report, Dr. Abrebrese described it as serious and should be looked at seriously.

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