Guys give me ideas.

Now here is the gist.my friend who is a learner fell in love with this girl and they have been dating for 7month now.he takes her out some weekend, to movies, dinner date, pay for her hair do and other stuff girls term to be'caring'. The young man said for once she as not made any attempt to buy something as little as sweet for him. Below are some of the things he said she does:

1.For once she has not paid for his transport fare when they are out together.

2.On his birthday the babe was kind enough to buy eva wine, she was the first person to open it and drank from it, before she gave the guy a glass. She even took the remaining home.

3.When eating together she will be the first to finish the food. Even when she is eating alone she makes no effort to invite the guy to join her.

4.The one that broke the carmels back that made him ask the question above . According to him he bought her recharge card and ask her to help transfer some amount to him because he ran out of credit and needed to make some calls. Surprisingly the girl refused oo. She accused the guy of using his own call card to call other girls. mma abasi idiok eyen.

He really want to know how to treat such girlfriend.

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