You can’t be the ideal partner if you don’t have self-control. When you have self-control, you will rise above temptations that might destroy your relationship.
it’s nice having dreams but it’s better when you actually put in effort into making your dreams come true. The ideal partner takes his/her career seriously and doesn’t waste his/her life on idle stuffs.
You can’t be the ideal partner if you are not willing to compromise. When you compromise, you set your pride aside for the good of the relationship.
The ideal partner ensures his/her partner is the most important part of their life. You shouldn’t starve your partner of your attention if you want to be the best boyfriend/girlfriend in the world.
An ideal partner is a patient partner. You should ensure you don’t get impatient over the smallest things. Be patient with your partner.One problem most relationships have is everyone wants to be the receiver but rarely want to give. To be the ideal partner, you should strive to give more than you receive.

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