I just heard this and I want to share it with the world. Wonder shall never end. It’s a real life story that happened today in fact, it’s happened few minutes ago.
I and my boyfriend started dating like a month ago. Last week, he gave me some cash to do my hair but when I got home, my mum called me that she needed money to sort out some things.

So, I couldn’t use the money to get new look, I sent the cash to my mum. Also, I couldn’t tell my boyfriend bcoz I didn’t want it to look like, we just started dating n m burdening him already.

So, d money left on me was for food n transport only. I had no more cash to go to the saloon. When I got home from d bank, I brought out my old weave-on and fixed it. (I sat in front of my large mirror in my room, did all-back hairstyle, fixed d weave-on on it and brushed my hair on d opening in front)

Wen my boyfriend saw d hair, he loved it and I was so happy dat he didn’t find out.

I have dis girlfriend which I trusted so much that I told her about it. She loves to go to church like kilode and she was always involve in every youth matter. She also complimented d hair dat no one can know dat it was self made.

Today, my boyfriend whatsapped me that I shud come to his place urgently. Wen I got there, I met my girlfriend there.

As soon as she saw me, she started screaming insults at me. She already told my boyfriend what happened b4 I got there. I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I couldn’t look at my bf in the eye.

After his long silence, he asked if it was true and I nodded. He then thanked my friend for telling him about it. Afterwards, he told her to get out of his house n to never show her face, that she’s done enough in seducing him and trying to make me look bad.

He then told me dat it’s OK and dat he is not angry at me. But he didn’t like d way I couldn’t confide in him. He really like d fact dat I did d hair myself and promised to help me open MY OWN SALOON.

My questions are:
1. Is it true dat male-friends are more trustworthy dan female-friends?

2. If u are in my shoe right now, wat will u do to ur friend? Because m so furious dat I want beat her into pulp n insult her anywhere I see her. May b I shud go to her place with organized beaters…..

3. Is it really d work of God ? like some say because, If ds one no happen, may b I won’t b a Hair saloon n Spa owner by next month.

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