A man has written to Funmi Akingbade - a relationship and s*x therapist as well as a columnist for Punch newspaper, and she gave him the best secret ever!
How can I improve my 0ral se x skills?
I am a husband with keen interest in giving my wife a good oral s*x, but I lack the skill and courage. Is there a better way to go about it? - Christopher Silvanus.
Below is the reponse he got from the therapist;
Think about something you excel at and chances are, you rock it because you really enjoy doing it. The same goes for giving great oral s ex. The best way to be great at oral se x is to learn to like it. Or at least act like you do. That will help her feel more comfortable and then you will find you actually do enjoy it.
The biggest mistake husbands make when performing 0ral se x is going straight for the wife’s geni tals. Don’t dive right in like it’s a pounded yam-eating contest!
She’s not warmed up yet and it might even hurt her if she’s not ar0used. The best thing to do is to tease her and draw out the experience before you even start going down. Plant ksses on her abdomen and thighs. Use your hands to gently massage the area surrounding her vagina to heighten her anticipation.
When you finally do make contact, start off slowly with slight licks and gentle caresses to warm her up. Use both the tip and flat part of your t0ngue to flick and l!ck. Women tend to prefer circular motions, but experiment with different speeds and pressure, and pay attention to how she responds.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try tracing the alphabet with your tongue, or lightly humming to create a slight vibrating sensation. You can also throw your f1ngers into the mix to try a little G-sp0t stimulation along with your t0ngue. As she gets closer to cl1max, keep doing exactly what you’re doing.
Once she’s had her Big O, return to the gentle ksses around her outer labia and thighs before popping your head up to experience the praise for your hard work.

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