Screenshots of chats: “Every text you’ve ever sent her, she’s not the only one reading it, it has been sent to her gal-gang for analysis the time difference between your text and screenshot of it is merely 2 seconds send her something obtuse and, the whole gang hates you”.

Gazillion Selfies: “Ever wondered how she has a new flawless DP every single day? She clicks more selfies in a day than the number of p0rn films you’ve watched in your entire life”.

P0rn: “Girls may never admit this, but there is a Chamber of Secrets in her gallery too, guys aren’t the only fans of p0rn and she’s probably going to tell you that she’s never seen porn to make you believe she’s squeaky clean, but trust me it’s a facade”.

Quotes and Memes: “She’s just got the perfect two-liners for absolutely anything and everything, and on top of it, she knows exactly when to use what (they’re her greatest weapons during a fight), for all of her mood swings she’s got the perfect meme. And all of those relationship goals she’ll eat your head up for, she’s got memes for them as well”.

Their n*de pictures: “Girls are know to take n*de pictures all the time, hardly will you find a girls phone without her n*de pictures on it”.

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