There is this question most men always ask “how do I increase my s3xual stamina?”. What most people don’t understand is that s3x is not only about getting pleasure, it’s more about giving your partner pleasure and you have to maintain your er3ction for longer in other to do that.
Below are some tips to help you maintain your er3ction for long.
Working out groin muscles: “If you often find yourself struggling around with muscle pain the morning after a steamy night of passion, it might be useful to regularly stretch your groin, keeping it primed and ready for even the most outrageous s3xual position, basic groin stretches will prepare your body for a forthcoming s3xual epic, so make sure you regularly try out a few when you get the chance”.
Building arm muscles: “S3xual stamina can require great upper-body strength depending on which coital position you’re planning to adopt, it may therefore be a good idea to enjoy the occasional free-weights session, gradually toning up your arm muscles, the odd bout of upper body exercise could really keep you energised for longer-lasting s3x”.
Staying mentally focused: “This is an obvious one this, if you really want to make the most of your s3xual encounters, it’s vital you don’t let the possible repercussions play on your mind, avoid worrying and allow yourself to stay focused in the bedroom by taking adequate precautions before you hop into the bed”.

Reducing alcohol consumption: “Alcohol can seriously damage your s3xual hormone levels, a few drinks with friends may help keep up social niceties, but they certainly won’t keep up things in the bedroom so, take it easy on the alcohol”.
Improving blood-flow: “Before you run to the doctor at the first sign of er3ctile problems, try and adopt a more natural way of increasing the blood flow to your groin, without the aid of Viagra, by regularly flexing and massaging your body’s central groin muscles, blood will start to flow more readily in that area, allowing you to stand to attention for longer in the bedroom”.
Loving thyself , but not too much: “It won’t make you go blind, but ‘self-love’ or masturbation could certainly damage your chances of making a potent first impression, no matter how desperate you get, try and save your energy for the real thing”.

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