http://images.agoramedia.com/everydayhealth/gcms/cs-hepatitis-c-safe-sex-transmission-1440x810.jpgMen of these days have made it a habit to always take s3x performance enhancers for their s3xual routine, while some make use of viagra some resort to herbal mixtures to boost their performance.

The major reasons why they take those performance enhancers is for harder er3ction and to last long in bed.

But what most men don’t know is that those enhancers have negative effects on their health and that there are natural ways to improve your performance in bed without using drugs, your body has all it needs to work well if you allow it.

Below are 4 tips to boost your s3xual performance.

1. Give your body the rest it deserves: “The human body, like every complex machine, needs time to rest, the human body is better than any machine simply because it can rejuvenate itself if you give it rest and when your body is stressed, the stress hormone cortisol increases in your system which in turn causes your testosterone levels to nosedive and that affects your s3x appetite and performance levels so rest well and sleep when you should”
2. Give your body exercise and stay fit: “Though any body type can have great sex, the truth is that the more physically fit your body is, the better it is for s3x, exercise improves blood flow to sex organs, releases your joints and allows you to take on several s3x positions so exercising leaves your fit, healthy and also pumps up endorphins, the “feel good” brain chemicals, and boosts your testosterone levels”.

3. Eat healthy, fruits and dump alcohol: “There is no better way to clean up your system than trying not to feed it the wrong things so eat a lot of fruits, avoid eating too much-processed food, leave oily food, and limit smoking and alcohol”.

4. Change your environment and do something exciting: “Your mental state of mind has a great impact on your s3xual performable so sometimes, all you need is a change of scenery, environment or an adventure so now may be the time to take a vacation you’re your lover and rediscover great s3x”.

So guys, before you swallow those chemical supplements to boost your s3xual performance always remember they have side effects instead work on yourself the natural wys and give your body the rest it deserves, eat well and stay fit and watch your body rejuvenate and perform more than your expectations.

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