Relationships can be so sweet and interesting when you and your partner have a mutual understanding if you have been a single guy for long and you just get into a relationship you might be rusty and not know how to handle a relationship again. There are some things every man has to stop doing once they have a relationship.
There are some things every man has to stop doing once they have a relationship, here are things every guy needs to stop doing once you have a relationship.
Don’t go out with her friends: Never hang out with your woman’s friends without her there, you never know which of them are jealous of your relationship and are just waiting for an opportunity for you to make a mistake and use it against you.
Not everytime brothers before women: It is high time you drop that saying of “Bro before hoes”, now that you have a woman endeavour to spend more time with her, it is understandable you will want to hang out with your friends but stop spending time with them and ignoring your partner.

Never make fun of her in front of other people: Never make your woman an object of discussions in front of others and never make her a case for your jokes no matter how funny it might be.
STOP P0rn: “When you frequently go online to masturbate, you’re not only wasting your libido on your hand you’re also raising the bar for your girlfriend’s performances. It is bad enough that she has to compete with all of your exes—don’t make her compete with p0rn, too and s3x is a way for you two to connect, not a way for you to fulfil your unrealistic, p0rn-fed expectations if you’re getting some from a woman, give your hand a break”.
Don’t be a drunk: “Alcohol might be a magic poison that kills all of your insecurities, but it can also kill your relationship”.
Don’t disappear without giving her notice: You have a woman now, you can’t just go off the radar without prior notice if you need some time and space to alone communicate it to her and keep your relationship healthy and happy.

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