Being in a great relationship today doesn’t mean that you must relent and not look for ways of staying on top of your dating game because you might end up losing out on a good relationship. It is important to always develop oneself in all ways and bring valuable contributions to one’s life as well as the relationship as getting too comfortable with one’s condition could make one be stagnant and not move forward which is why everyone always look for ways to better themselves and relationships.
Below are some behaviours that make men totally unattractive to women.
Unreliability: “Do you regularly forget special holidays and important anniversaries, are you often late for dates or constantly rescheduling? being unreliable is inconsiderate. If you’re late for dates or forget important days like your partner’s birthday, this is a bad look, it shows that you don’t see her as a valuable part of your life and if you want to change that impression, you’ll need to get your priorities straight”.
Poor work ethic: “Slacking off at work, lying to your boss, and leaving early should not be part of your daily routine, if you can’t seem to keep a job due to poor work ethic, you need to find your motivation and start making more of an effort because poor work ethic is a sign of laziness and this lack of motivation will bleed into your personal life and slowly but surely begin to kill your relationship”.
Selfishness: “One mark of maturity is being able to place someone else’s needs above your own, if you are so absorbed by your own needs and wants that you can’t (or won’t) make room for someone else’s needs, you may not be ready for a serious relationship”.
Mixed signals: “You’re either interested or you’re not, showing passion and excitement one minute and then acting bored and not returning phone calls the next minute is not only confusing for her but also rude so don’t play a childish game of hard-to-get and if you’re truly serious about your partner, remain consistent with how you demonstrate your feelings”.
Not taking care of yourself: “Just because you got the girl doesn’t mean you can relax, take pride in your appearance by making an effort to look nice for your lady because a sloppy appearance communicates the message that you don’t care much about impressing her anymore and consequently, your partner may feel she doesn’t mean as much to you so don’t be surprised if she starts looking elsewhere”.

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