Ever thought if your partner’s physique has a lot to do with how much pleasure you both can get during s3x?ever thought how s3x with a short person might be like? ever compared your s3x experience with an average height lady and short lady?
Well your partner’s physique has a whole lot to do with pleasure you can get during s3x, s3x with an average height lady can be appealing but it can more adventurous with a shorter person. It is said that when it comes to s3x smaller is always better!
Below are 4 interesting reasons why you should get down with an itty bitty lady.
Easy to lift: “Standing positions work best with shorter women, especially when you do not have enough upper body strength to lift an average height lady, most men run from this position because they think they are not strong enough, but how about you go with a smaller person that you can actually lift instead? you sure will enjoy this position more”.
Tighter Vag!na: “You probably won’t believe me on this but there is a myth that shorter women have tighter pussies- something about them having a narrower pelvis, it might be true, it might not, but it wouldn’t hurt to try and see for yourself”.
Easy to maneuver: “Trust me, changing positions during s3x is a piece of cake when you are in bed with a shorter woman, the idea that she can be moved this way and that without too much effort can make things go extra smooth and interesting during s3x”.
“The reverse cowgirl has NEVER been more fun than with a short lady because they are easier to manage, with less of them to handle, you have more time and energy to focus on pleasure and not detangling limbs”.

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