A smelling p3nis is one of those things that one rarely discuss with one’s partner and most times men are always unsure about what that stink means. But is a smelling p3nis a big deal? Is it normal for a p3nis to smell bad?
What are the causes of smelling p3nis?
“Any bad odour in the p3 nis has more to do with personal hygiene habits and less with any medical issue, most of the times, the smell is related to something you eat and also, after a long day of wearing jeans that do not breathe well, things can get quite smelly, sweat and moisture mixed with the natural bacteria on the skin cause all the body odour and the groin contains some apocrine glands which when mixed with sweat can cause some alarming scents”.
Can your smelly p3nis pose any health risk to your partner during s3x?
“If you are wondering if your stinking genital is going to pose any health risk to your partner during s3x, know that it likely won’t pose any significant health risk, Your smelly penis is not going to put your woman at an increased risk of UTI or any other infection for that matter”.
What to do to reduce p3nis odour?
“You will not get the blow job you want if your p3nis smells bad, it can turn out to be a huge turn-off, if you want things to go smooth in bed, you need to make sure that your p3nis does not smell”.

Below are a few things you can do to do away with p3nis stench.
Clean well: “Clean the bad-smelling gunk which accumulates in the folds of your groin area, just wiping the area with some soap is not going to help instead, put some pressure and get into the crevices to clean the area preferably with an antibacterial soap and also, be sure to clean the area below your foreskin”.
Dry out: “Less moisture means less body odour, therefore, necessary that you thoroughly dry out your p3nis before you dress up, you can use a blow dryer to dry the area completely and also make sure that you do not use damp towels or washcloths as they could accumulate bacteria, use dry linens instead”.
Wear breathable fabrics: “Wearing breathable fabrics like cotton can help you stay stink-free especially during the heat”.
Trim the pubic hair: “Pubic hair can trap odour and dampness and so you need to shave bare down there, pubic hair can make it difficult for the underlying skin to stay fresh and dry”.

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