Are you looking for a way to make your woman have the best s*x ever with your hands? Here are seven simple ways to achieve it.
The week is climaxing to an end, and weekend commences anytime from now. All the week long, the average worker has engaged his hands in terms of using them to earn his pay. Now that the weekend is here, you need to unwind and employ those hands to spread and also receive pleasure!
Sad to say, for many men, the only way they engage their hands during s ex is to hold on tight to the bed or any such sturdy object that makes for balance. Well, s*x experts are saying this is not s exy enough, and that there are better, s exy ways in which you can use your hands during any s exual outing.
What are these ways? Read on!
1. Trace her body. Pretend you’re an artist, draw every edge and crease of her body with your finger. This gets her focusing on sensation, says s ex expert, Marianne Brandon. Trace the border of her lips, her soft inner thighs, the roundness of her breasts — hit every inch of her, with a soft, barely-there touch. That way, your fingers maintain contact with her skin, but very lightly, and definitely not in a tickling manner. Save her nipples and clitoris for last, and even then, approach her hot spots slowly. Outline her clitoris, but don’t touch it directly for a while. That will really intensify the experience.
2. Spread her lips. During oral s*x, your tongue is actively at work, but your hand can be engaged too. So, spread her lips with your fingers to make her feel more exposed, says Brandon. As you use all of your s exual tools, you show your enthusiasm for s*x with her, which helps her relax and makes climaxing easier. Again, grab her hand and give it a quick squeeze — a lovely way to stay romantically connected.
3. Let her guide your hands. Ask for a hands-on education, whereby she takes your hand and shows you how to touch her in the way that feels best. It also gives you the permission to go there.
4. Hold her face while kissing her. Kissing isn’t all about tongue — it’s also about touch. Holding her face while you lock lips shows that you’re fully engaged: You’re pulling her in and helping her feel safe,” says a certified s*x therapist, Lisa Thomas. Using your hands can make the experience more memorable. This is especially true if you haven’t slept together yet, since women read way more into a kiss than you do. If you expertly touch her during a make-out session, she’ll likely infer that you’re skilled with s*x.
5. Write her a s exy note. Sure, picking up a pen isn’t as erotic as other forms of foreplay, but the effort will pay off in dividends. So, leave her a note on her nightstand or bathroom mirror; it can be as simple as ‘I love you’ or as s exy as ‘Thanks for last night. That was amazing.’ Those few words will leave her thinking about you all day long—and ready for a repeat performance.
6. Stimulate her during s*x. Only about a quarter of women consistently climax from intercourse alone. So, get your hands in on the action! “You have easy access to her genitals from the front,” says Thomas. Plus, in this position, you’re less focused on thrusting — your bodies are super close, so the amount of work is minimal — making it easier to establish a rhythm when stimulating her.
7. Play with her hair during oral. When she’s going down on you, pleasure her—by playing with her hair. “When women have their hair brushed or touched, it’s a very connecting experience. It demonstrates empathy,” Thomas says. In other words, the simple act of running your fingers through her follicles makes the experience feel more mutual—like you’re both in on the action.

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