Many people mistake initial connection and infatuation with love which is why many relationship break up faster than they are formed. This four letter word means different things to different people but can be demonstrated.
Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are a few signs you aren't really in love:
1. You are embarrassed by your partner in public: You do not like to step out in public with your partner and are constantly embarrassed by anything they do or say when you both go out for an event . If you truly love your partner, you'll be more amused than embarrassed at them.

2. You have to keep convincing yourself you like that person: You can care for the opposite s ex in a deep and personal way but it doesn't mean you are in-love with this person. Anyone in this situation  will always try to convince themselves they are really in love using different means with hope it'll really be true.
3. Do you now find annoying their once cute habits?: This is a clear sign you were infatuated with your partner. They haven't changed, it's just you that changed because you no longer love them anymore.

4. You are scared of being alone: People live in denial and claim they are in-love when they really aren't. They are scared of ending up alone and for this reason will do everything it takes to have someone beside them including pretending to be in love.
5. You live in a fantasy world and you constantly look out for second options: It okay for you to have wondering eyes or fantasize about some things but only for a short while. But if it's excess then you really aren't head over heels with your partner.
6. Do you think of your partner often?: You'll always think of your partner every day, if you're really in love with them. As the relationship grows older, it gets better because you'll still think about them doesn't matter how far apart you both are.

7. You think everything is about you: For narcissists and selfish people, it's a load of trouble loving someone else. They may feel something but it'll be hard to love completely because of their nature. A self-absorbed person isn't really in love.

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