Nigerian men get a lot of shade online.

You’ve heard phrases like Yoruba demon, wicked Igbo men and many more phrases denigrating our Nigerian brothers. The Nigerian men’s reputation of being serial heart breakers has even gotten to non-Nigerian women. Nigerian men aren’t all bad, they have some many good qualities too. Here some good reasons why you need a Nigerian man in your life pronto:

1. Handsome hunks

Have you seen the average Nigerian guy? Handsome, cool and super intelligent

2. Caring and supportive

Naija guys are super caring and supportive. Forget all the trash you have heard about them online. They care about you, support you in your endeavours and generally have your back if you’re their girl.

3. Great lovers

Every woman wants a man who knows their way around the bedroom. Ladies, Naija guys have got you there!

4. Romantic AF

Naija guys may not have the reputation of being romantic like French men. But trust us ladies, any guy who will send you Nkwobi & palm wine or pounded yam & Edikang Ikong or grilled fish and chips whenever you are hungry is definitely romantic in his own way.

5.  They make the best jollof rice

Nigerian Jollof rice has just been voted the best Jollof rice in the world. Dating a Nigerian man comes with perks like world class jollof rice. Other delicacies like Ayamase and Ofada rice, Edikang Ikong, Afang, Nkwobi, Abacha, Kunnu Aya, Oha soup, dodo and more are also included in the perks of dating Naija men.

6. Snazzy dressers

Have you seen how cute Nigerian guys look in trad?

7. Religious

Religion is big in Nigeria. If you want a God fearing man, just jet on down to Naija to get your pick.

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