Ladies, ever wondered why it is so hard to find a good man these days?ever feel like good men no longer exist in this world?Well, there are still good men out there but they are just a few.
Below are reasons why it is hard to find an awesome man.
Hookup culture has taken over: Hook has replaced the normal dating and relationships, men no longer what to g through the stress of dating again and don’t even want to be with only one woman, they want an “entire buffet at their disposal”
There are too many options out there: “While it’s good to have options, it can be bad when there are too many options, at any given moment a guy can sit down at a dating app and immediately have endless options of women from which to choose because of that, it’s hard for them to give one woman a shot for more than a hot minute”.

Guys looking for something better: “It’s a sad thought, but in a world with so many options, people can become immersed in the idea that something better might be just around the corner and it is hard to find a man who wants to commit when they’re thinking that the next woman they meet could be perfect ― whatever perfect is”.
Marriage is becoming obsolete: “There was a time, people couldn’t wait to get married, although it was due to the fact that they would finally be able to do the deed the reality is that these days people are in no rush to get married because they can get the deed freely anytime they want, so, therefore, they’re in no rush to get into a relationship or settle down”.
Some men are intimidated by power: “In comparison to the past few decades, women are more independent than ever and this success and power, for some reason, can be intimidating for some men who, perhaps, realise that they’ll never be the “man” his female partner is”.
Technology has created distance: “How can anyone possibly find a good man or anyone at all when we live in a world where technology rules and our most intimate relationships are with our phones?”.
Everyone has their baggage: “No one is immune to having a rocky past, and sometimes that past can interfere with how that person moves forward, messy baggage can keep even the great guys in hiding for a long time”.
Phobia of commitment is accepted: “We live in a world where being scared of commitment has simply become the norm, if a man doesn’t want to commit, people are rarely surprised and since that’s the case, they’ll just keep on skipping out on commitment and sticking to hookup culture, because it’s so accepted”.

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