S3x is a fun and highly pleasurable activity because the results are orgasms and emotional intimacy with your partner but what most people fail to discuss is s3x is a source of fear and anxiety to most people especially women.
Women have some major fears they harbour inside that stops them from enjoying s3x with their partners and below are the most common fears women have during s3x that deprives them of s3xual pleasures.
Body image issues: “Many women are insecure about their weight, body type, br3asts size and how they look naked, the very thought of having s3x with the lights on or letting their partner see their naked body can be terrifying but remind yourself that no one has a perfect body or flawless skin not even models or actors”.
Getting hurt emotionally: “Women are more prone to developing strong feelings for their s3xual partners as compared to men, some women avoid s3x because they are afraid of getting emotionally attached and having to deal with a broken heart if the relationship doesn’t work out”.
Passing gas during s3x: “Whether it is a fart or a queef, the very thought of letting one rip during s3x is another common fear, this fear is more common among women who suffer from symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) like bloating, constipation or diarrhoea and gas. One way to put this fear at ease is to eat lightly and have green tea, mint, ginger or something that soothes your stomach a few hours before having s3x”.

Contracting a s3xually transmitted disease (STD): “Another common fear for single women is testing positive for an STD, some of the most common STDs like herpes can spread despite using condoms”.
Vaginismus or vag!nal pain: “This is a condition where the patient suffers from involuntary vag!nal muscle spasms and is mainly caused by the anxiety of vag!nal penetration”.
Fear of an unwanted pregnancy: “This fear is more common among women who have previously undergone an abortion or had a major pregnancy scare, one way to overcome the fear of an unwanted pregnancy is to always use condoms and learn how to use it the right way”.
Performance anxiety: “Not only men have performance anxiety, women as well suffer from performance anxiety, they worry about not being good in bed or not able to pleasure their partner can affect their s3x life but one way to avoid performance anxiety is to talk to your partner and communicate about what both of you would like to do in bed”.

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