Do you know that your relationship status has a lot to d with your overall well being? yes, your relationship status has a huge difference on your health and total well being because once you are happy with your relationship it will always radiate all over your body.
“Whether you are dating casually, hooking up or are married, below are some key ways your romantic life can influence your mind and body and your overall health”.
Weight gain: “People tend to gain weight as they settle into marriage and lose weight when the marriage does not last, dissatisfaction in a relationship can result in aggression and sleep problems which lead to weight gain”.
Stress: “A study found that people who frequently had s3x are healthier mentally so if you are not getting intimate with your partner or not having enough s3x, you can, you can suffer from stress”.
Anxiety: “Difficulties in relationships can put anyone on edge and lead to full-blown anxiety, there is a link between relationship problems and an increased risk of generalised anxiety disorder”.
Depression: “Depression and anxiety go hand in hand, so if you are in a bad relationship you are also likely to suffer from depression, it is said that women are six times more likely to be clinically depressed than their male counterparts if their relationship is falling apart”.
An increase in alcohol consumption: “Your relationship with your partner can have a noticeable impact on how much alcohol you consume, studies found that lack of intimacy and conflict can drive people to drink more”.
High blood pressure: “Your diet and stress levels can have an impact on your blood pressure, it is not surprising that you experience a spike in your blood pressure levels, a study found that people who were unhappy in their marriage tend to have higher blood pressure”.

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