1. Forehead : K!ssing her on the forehead would make her feel secure and loved. It would make her legs weak and it is really a strong man move!
2. Nape Of Her Neck: This is the turn on spot for a lot of ladies. Kissing here would make her really vulnerable.
3. Small of the Back: It is here that all the nerves of the genitals generate. You get the drift? Kissing here would send shivers up her spine!

4. N!ples: Suck gently and sweetly on the nipples and it would surely release the hormone oxytocin, the love hormone.
She would grow wild with this.
5. Her ears: Her ears would be real sensitive to soft licks and kisses due to all the supersensitive nerve endings there.
6. Her C
C!it: This is the point of no return. Over 8,000 nerve endings are found in the cllt compared to just 4,000 in the pen!s.

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