Many people think that their physical attributes are all that matter in making them a lover, this might be true to some extent because it is a pretty face, big butt, nice cleavage, fresh b00bs, fine muscles, big p3nis size, hunky body and so much more are what first attracts people to you but it is what you can and/or cannot do when it comes to the bedroom that will make you last as the s3xual partner of that person in the long run.
“If you are asked to choose between a beautiful girl who is totally lazy in bed and an average girl with awesome bedmatic skills or a guy with giant p3nis and tight muscles but unskilled in s3x and the average guy who knows how to use his small p3nis to make you sing, who will you choose?”. So no matter your body type, there are other things that will make you more attractive to your partner.
Be clean always: “A clean s3x partner is a gold when it is seen that your body is always clean and edible, you will be more appreciated s3xually”. A man will not mind eating his girl’s vag!na if she smells normal down there and a lady won’t mind giving her man bl0w job if he is clean and smells nice down there”.
Make sounds and speak during s3x: “S3x is as much about what we say as what we do so make an effort to speak with your partner about how the s3x makes you feel, about what you want and about what you want to do to him or her because dirty talk, moaning and other coital sounds make the sexual experience more memorable”.
Keep your body in shape: “The best thing you can do for you and your s3x partner is to keep your body in shape as much as possible because the more fit your body is, the better it is for s3x, eating healthy and exercising is good because it boosts your libido and allows you to execute challenging bedroom moves – s3x positions”.
Be willing to satisfy your partner: “One funny thing about s3x is that we don’t always get into the mood the same time and this time difference can lead to issues in regular relationships, you should not make a habit of turning him/her down every time because that is like saying I’m not interested in you, you should make efforts to give that thing your partner wants in bed, be it oral or some other fetish – as long as it doesn’t harm you in any way”.

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