What most ladies don’t know is that abortion is physically and mentally traumatic while time can heal wounds, what follows right after an abortion can be very painful to handle. The body goes through a lot of changes after abortion and some those changes can indicate potential dangers to one’s overall health like an infection or incomplete abortion. Below are some things that can happen after an abortion that no one will tell you about.
Heavy bleeding: “Not all women bleed profusely, but some amount of bleeding, blood clots, brownish discharge after abortion is normal and some might bleed profusely after an abortion which can go up to three to four weeks and you can start feeling light headed and dizzy and passing large clots which could be indicative of an internal injury to the uterus during the procedure”.
Cramp-like pains: “Before abortion, the uterus was enlarged, and it gradually returns to its normal size after the abortion and that sometimes causes period like cramps, however, at times, it could be worse than menstrual cramps”.
Infections: “After an abortion your cervix might remain slightly open for a few days and this can set a stage for pelvic or urinary tract infection”.
Fever: “A high-grade fever after abortion is a definite indicator that there is an infection in the body”.
Persistent pregnancy symptoms: “Even after an abortion, some symptoms of pregnancy can still bother you, while nausea is the first to subside within a day or two, tender and leaky br3asts can persist for a week and abdominal bloating also gets worse during the first week and fatigue could be a constant companion for at least a fortnight”.
So ladies before you go through that hell called abortion, always think of the repercussions. Abstinence is the key and if you must have s3x always remember to use protection.

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