http://pad1.whstatic.com/images/thumb/8/84/Be-a-Gentleman-Step-26.jpg/aid151864-v4-728px-Be-a-Gentleman-Step-26.jpgWe all understand that some break ups can be really hard and exhausting but break up means it is time to move on but stalking your ex and their partners is just a waste of time. If you are looking for ways to destroy your ex’s new relationship intentionally or unintentionally or you are busy stalking your ex on all social media then it is a big sign you are becoming obsessed with your ex.
Below are some signs that can confirm you are becoming an obsessed ex-girlfriend.
Stalking: “Are you stalking him on social networking websites, asking his friends about how he is doing, following him discreetly? If yes, then stop, when he has already moved on, why don’t you?wake up to the fact that it is time for you to move on too”.
Keeping his things: “If he has things with you that you are meant to return and you purposely hold on to them then you are an obsessive ex-girlfriend so if you want to move on return his stuffs”.
Visiting places: “By visiting places that your ex-boyfriend goes to on a regular basis in an attempt to ‘run into him’ accidentally shows how obsessive you are”.
Devising plans to get back together: “There is no use reading a book the second time when you clearly know how it ends so by trying to get back together you are making a mistake because you already know how it is going to end and you will eventually get hurt and it will be all the more difficult to get over him”.

Sabotage his new relationship: “Live and let live, because you are incapable of moving on doesn’t mean you have to ruin your ex-boyfriend’s new life so if he is happy with his new girlfriend, kindly let it be and don’t plan stuff to ruin his outings with the new girl in his life”.

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