Signs your girlfriend is cheating on you: Your girlfriend is acting suspicious, and you’re tired of being left in the dark. These are the warning signs of a cheating girlfriend. Being cheated on is never fun. Ever. Not even if your cheating SO was trash, and you couldn’t wait to get away from them even before you found out. The point is, rejection sucks even if you don’t really like the person. So it goes without saying that it totally sucks even more if you do like the person. These warning signs of a cheating girlfriend help you know what’s going on.
You know what’s worse than being cheated on? Not *knowing* if you’re being cheated on. This mystery leads to living in a constant state of paranoia about whether you should settle down and be happy in your relationship, or if you should open the can of *proverbial* whoop-ass.
These are warning signs of a cheating girlfriend, so don’t ignore them!
How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you
Psychologist Dr. Bonnie Weil and Men’s Health Magazine participated in studies on how likely women are to cheat. One study suggested 50% of married women will cheat at one point or another. The bottom line? Nobody is safe!
But hey, even the sneakiest cheater is going to get caught one day. We’re showing you eight obvious warning signs you have a cheating girlfriend on your hands.
#1 She’s hiding her phone. Cell phones are an extension of most people’s bodies. So it really doesn’t come as a shock to you that your girlfriend is taking hers everywhere with her, but is that all she’s doing with it?
Her cell is the first place she can go to live a double life. Good signs usually consist of no passwords on her phone, no unfamiliar names in her phone, and a gallery free of scandalous images.
Bad, cheating girlfriend signs include her frequently deleting text messages, having shady apps like Kik, or having nudes of herself you’ve yet to see. If your girlfriend hides her cellphone or acts squeamish when you get close to it, you may have a problem on your hands.

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