Women also want as much from s3x as men want, they want that orgasmic experience but it’s so unfortunate, that an average man only thinks about himself when it comes to s3x so most women are shortchanged and many of them don’t complain because they rarely want to expose the bad girl inside them for their man to see.
No woman wants a man who will just jump into bed and pull out his p3nis for s3x without any foreplay because s3x for a woman is a mental and physical process which means a man must be willing to go extra miles to satisfy her s3xually. Below are 5 things every woman actually wants in bed but are shy to say it.
Use your tongue on her body: “Your tongue has a lot of roles to perform when it comes to s3x, the average woman wants you to love her body with your hands, your p3nis and your tongue and if you really appreciate her body, why not eat it up – kiss, bite, suck, and nibble on her shoulders, upper back, indentation of her lower back and the vag!na itself, just tongue her to 0rgasm”.
Speak ‘lies’ and truths into her ears: “Women do not want mute men in bed, no, you have to say something, tell her how excited you are, how you like the wetness of her vag!na, how her br3asts feel in your hands and how her tongue tastes in your mouth because she wants to hear you say you’re having the best time of your life”.
Make her inner thighs burn: “Women love to get some good loving on their thighs because the skin on there is as sensitive as it is smooth, whether you use your palm or your tongue, just make sure you pay some attention to them and she’ll get all excited and prepped for hot s3x”.
Make her butt and b00bs your toy: “Those round things are not meant for decorations bro, she wants you to put her butt and b00bs to work by pressing them when you have s3x, grab them and squeeze (like a sensual massage)it’s all part of the s3x”.
Go down under and eat the pie: “Yes, she may not be bold enough to ask you to eat her salad, but almost every woman is hoping that the man will use his common sense and eat her, women are more likely to get an orgasm through direct stimulation of their vag!na, especially via oral, than through real s3x”.So brothers, are you ready to be the man who brings your woman’s s3x fantasies to life?

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