Marriage is a sacred altar that should be protected by both partners, it is important to know that marriage is not a bed of roses there will be always be ups and down and the ability to handle those times are what will determine how far your marriage will go.
Below are top marriage killers.
Lack of trust: “This creates a hedge in the wall of your marriage, although trust is earned but you should always give your spouse the benefit of the doubt”.
Lack of communication: “Communication is a two way process, when you do not listen attentively to your spouse, you break that link and when communicating with your spouse, you must understand that any little body language can disrupt the process and you are required to hear each other out without interrupting or using abusive words”.

Untidiness: “if you do not take care of your personal hygiene, you will create a distance between you and your spouse, personal hygiene is very vital to enjoying s3x”.
Lack of Good s3x: “S3x has been down-played in most marriages, as a result of ignorance and even the holy book encourages couples to enjoy s3x, you are meant to enjoy good s3x with your spouse, good s3x is when both of you share your s3xual preferences and expectation without being shy and reach a compromise, good s3x eases communication tension”.
Money: “Finances play a crucial role in every family, couples have to plan and manage money together so do not hide your income and expenditures from each other and have a family savings account”.

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