No relationship or marriage is perfect, there are always ups and downs but the ability to manage those situations is what makes them perfect. Keeping an eye out for troubles in marriages is very important as it will help one take corrective measures in saving one’s marriage.
Below are signs that your marriage is about to hit the rock.
Conversations between the couple reduce: “A healthy marriage is based on good conversations between partners, it’s not necessary that every conversation should be romantic but ensure you make a conversation with your partner at the end of the day and if your partner has nothing to talk about except for household chores or is the kid’s lunch ready, then my friend, your marriage is certainly going to hit rock bottom and if you know this is happening, ensure you try to better the situation before it’s too late”.
Always arguing: “Arguments can cause a lot of problems in your marriage, in every marriage, there is always a little bickering, even amongst the most lovey-dovey couples and if you come across such a couple that has never bickered, then something is definitely abnormal about them but if you realize your partner bickers with you on small mistakes that you make, then it’s trouble so try to calm the situation down as much as you can and don’t reply with a rude comment, it might just escalate the matter”.
No mood to have s3x: “S3x is an important factor that binds you and your loved one, If you realise that your partner’s enthusiasm for s3x or any intimacy reduces, it’s time for you to up your game, try and resolve the situation before your s3x life goes completely down the drain”.

Secrets between your partners: “It’s not healthy to keep secrets between each other that ruin the entire relationship because it creates doubt in your loved one’s mind the trust factor in the relationship will go for a toss, make sure you and your partner do not keep secrets from each other that is the only way you can save your marriage”.
No more romantic outings: “Sometimes due to hectic work schedules and looking after the kids, most couples would not want to take time off their busy schedules for a romantic outing but if you feel your loved one does not seem to be willing to go for something as little as a movie date, that itself is a signal that your relationship is in trouble”.
“So always ensure you and your partner keep the relationship going strong, yhere will be ups and downs in every relationship and it depends on how you choose to work around those problems”.

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