S3x has so many benefits like reducing one’s blood pressure, stress levels, burn calories as well as boost the immune system but at times s3x can be very painful which will automatically make one forget the pleasure that comes with s3x.
The vag!na is what bears the brunt of s3x and when you are going through a dry spell there is no way you won’t have painful s3x, painful s3x is a problem that affects many women but there are solutions to it.
Pain or discomfort: “Whether this it is the first time you’re experiencing coitus or having s3x after an extended duration, you’re bound to experience pain or discomfort. In fact, this is most common side effect after a prolonged stint of celibacy that’s because of the muscles of your vag!nal wall are rusty so use lubrication from a bottle, especially if you aren’t producing enough of your own and foreplay and communication also help in stimulation so start slowly to ensure that there is no pain and that you feel good”.
Clamping up: “Most vag!nal pain is fleeting; nothing a certain amount of patience, lubrication, and foreplay can’t take care off but sometimes, a condition called vaginismus can make the muscles of your vag!na so tight that it may be impossible to penetrate it even with a tampon or finger, pelvic floor exercises can solve this”.
Vag!nal wasting: “Common perception has it that s3x falls to the bottom of the priority list once you’re childbearing years are behind you, the estrogen level a woman produces drops prodigiously during menopause, with more estrogen receptors in the vulva and vag!na than other parts of the body, inactive s3x life can lead to atrophy of your vag!na and the walls of the vag!na become dangerously thin, making them more susceptible to tear so if you don’t have a partner, practice self-love and if you have one get busy with him/her, s3x two or three times a week even for an older woman usually suffices”.

Cancer: “Deep pain during intercourse can also be caused by a number of factors, including certain types of cancer, endometriosis, fibroids and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) so if you experience internal pain with s3x, consult a doctor, but if the pain is only occasional, it may be related to your cycle, or perhaps the particular position may not be comfortable for you”.

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