There are so many reasons why a guy and a girl can break up, at times it might be for the wrong reasons and at the end, both parties might regret their decisions and try everything possible to get back and make things work. But most times, it is rather good to move on to someone who truly deserves you rather than hanging on to the past.
Below are 4 signs that your ex regrets leaving you and wants to get back with you.
Drunk Calls/Texts: “You end up receiving a drunk text from their side about how they miss holding your hand or just being with you, if this happens to you, honey, your ex is still hung up on you”.
Asking your friends about you: “Your ex tries to ask your friends about how you are doing or more like are you seeing anybody but your friends always rat him/her out, because, well, that’s what friends are for”.
Social media stalking: “One of the easiest ways to reach anyone these days is to stalk them on social media, you might not know a person personally but just by visiting their social media profile, you get to know enough about them to call them a friend, in this case, you ex is trying to keep themselves updated about who you’re meeting, or are you socializing or sitting with a bucket of ice-cream and crying your eyes out”.

The “I’m Not The Same Person Anymore”: “They try to change as a person, they give up habits that made you cringe and they start doing more of what you used to or still love, they try to make sure that you notice this change in them”.
If your ex is still trying one or some of the above-listed tricks, you can be sure that they are regretting leaving you and want you back in their lives. This article is just to show you the signs that they miss whether you give them another chance or not is left to you.

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