Headaches are a nuisance and can be so annoying. A headache comes in severity and so many factors can cause constant drumming inside one’s head from loud noises to stress and much more.
There are also some seemingly known reasons that can trigger a headache and below are some of them.
Coughing: “We all know coughing generally means a bad time for the throat but little do we know that this throat thrashing routine can trigger an equally bad headache, the worrying part is the pain that follows might last anywhere between few seconds to 30 minutes”.
Constipation: “Who knew the constant rumbling in the stomach could also give a hard time for your head, straining on the toilet seat could lead to pressure on the veins in your head leading to a headache”.
Rough S3x: “S3x might seem like a good idea to exercise and have fun but your animalistic instincts while lovemaking can give you an explosive headache, too much activity suddenly can put a lot of pressure on the brain and sorry to say a headache follows”.
S3x enhancement drugs: “Using s3x enhancement drugs can ensure you have a good time between the sheets, but in a similar manner play spoilsport too, they not only successfully dilate blood vessels you know where but also expand blood vessels in the brain. This pressure can cause a severe headache in some”.

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