There are several s3x articles and advice everywhere, s3x rules to follow here and there but did you know some of those s3x rules are outdated and causes more harm than good to your s3x life.
Below are 3 major s3x rules every guy needs to break as soon as possible.
Ladies first: “We have heard it several times that guys should work hard to satisfy a woman and make her cum first before he does while this can be so polite as well as sweet but it is not the best because any woman who knows her man is pausing his own pleasure for her will automatically feel pressured to cum fast and she might end up faking her 0rgasm because she is not relaxed enough for the real thing”. Ladies must cum first has turned s3x into a routine for most people, dump this rule and pleasure your woman but don’t make her 0rgasms a requirement before your own fun, let things flow naturally and she gets her 0rgasm after yours is not a bad thing, you can give her 0rgasm through oral s3x.
The longer the better: “The perception that the longer the better is very wrong, you going rounds on rounds on a woman doesn’t make you a s3x guru, quality is much better than quantity when it comes to s3x, a 10-minute romp where both partners are passionate, aroused, climax and feel satisfied is better than hours of dull, ‘going through the motion’ s3x so focus on pleasuring each other and stop thinking about the damn clock. Give all your attention to each other and provide each other with the best s3x experience, regardless of how long it takes”.
Spontaneity is hotter: “There is always something hot about unplanned s3x, but planned s3x can be extremely exciting in its own way, especially in a long term relationship, scheduling a date and time for s3x might seem unromantic, but for a busy couple whose s3x life might be taking a hit, you should consider this”. “Just imagine how exciting things can get if you both know you will be getting freaky at a particular date and time and as the D-Day comes closer, it begins to feel like you both have a secret no one knows about with text messages, calls and hints of anticipation, it’s like days of foreplay because, by the time you s3x date arrives, you are so turned on with all the waiting and anticipation that all you want to do is rip each other’s clothes off now, tell us that doesn’t sound steamy”.

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